Golf-Knowledgeable Labor On-Demand

GOLF BNCH is a technology-driven staffing solution helping facilities recruit and schedule golf-knowledgeable labor in an on-demand gig economy.  


Solve short-term, surge and seasonal staffing needs more efficiently using our industry experience, certified and oriented labor pool, and leading cloud-based software.

Your Staffing. Streamlined.

Technology instantly connects you with our Golf-knowledgeable personnel. Address seasonal, surge, and special projects with simple push notificiations to improve the way you schedule labor and maintain your golf course. 

Outside Ops, Caddies, Grounds, Hospitality and more - all at your fingertips.




What's Driving Change?

Preserving and Protecting

Protect your caddie program from the legal issues arising in today's economy. Classify IC's correctly, elevate the member experience, and preserve the caddie tradition.

Labor at Your Fingertips 

Save time with waterfall push notifications for each gig. Accelerate onboarding, automate payments and enhance your labor pool along the way.

The Secret to Surge 

Outsourcing is the secret to seasonal and surge staffing at courses. Confidently manage your labor needs without worries of employee sickness, vacation, or overtime.

Applicant Recruiting

Leverage expertise in finding, vetting, and onboarding people who fit your needs. Spend your time engaging with members - leave the recruiting to us. 


Certifications start with BNChMARK - our proven Learning Management System. Establish expectations and an understanding of your culture.

Best Practices

Adopt key insights into the future of your industry. Employees are the lifeline to your success. Our mission is to supply you with the best.

Golf Course Labor
In-Demand. On-Demand.


Clubs typically partner with us to improve the way they manage staffing. GOLF BNCH secures and orients staff year-round, providing access to proven labor exactly when you need it, at a moment's notice. With the talent pool built and maintained for you, you're able to focus on the bigger picture. 

Leveraging an industry-knowledgeable pool of temporary staff options, the try-it-before-you-buy-it, "Temp to Perm" staffing model introduces another level of partnership that helps you attract and eventually even hire the best candidates.  

Grow Your Talent BNCH

Address Multiple Needs

Improve Member Satisfaction

Looper On-Demand

Kick-start a caddie program with Looper On-Demand. We recruit and certify a labor pool ideal for satisfying both your outside ops and caddie program needs.

With Looper On-Demand, you can ease into our full-service Caddie Management Platform at your pace. Enjoy the benefits of a golf-knowledgeable labor pool and enhance the member experience.

Course Maintenance

Seasonal needs, tournaments, capital projects and more can all require additional temp staffing to help you address pressing needs around your course. A pool of qualified applicants sits on our platform, eager to accept projects that fit their schedule in today's gig economy. Improve your course, your grounds, and the curb appeal of your club to improve the member experience.

Knowledgeable Labor

Outsource Simple Tasks 

Improve Course Conditions 

Tournaments and Outings

Upgrade Your Next Tournament, Corporate Outing, or Charity Event

GOLF BNCH provides forecaddies for tournaments and outings as a unique sponsored item generating incremental sponsorship revenue for the organizer. Caddie bibs feature the sponsor's name/logo providing excellent branding for the sponsor. Our FORE-LOOPERS enhance each player’s experience and keep play moving by tracking errant tee shots, raking bunkers, filling divots, tending the pin and otherwise chaperoning the groups around the course. GOLF BNCH handles all caddie management and provides an on-site coordinator for each tournament.

For more information: call 1-804-SHACK-15 or email:

Knowledgeable Labor

Maintain Pace of Play 

Improve the Guest Experience 

What our clients and partners say.

Clients are glad they choose BNCH Solutions.

"Hosting the VA State Open is a massive undertaking. With qualified staffing options from GOLF BNCH, we were easily able to secure the best candidates. Arriving early for the 5am gigs, the On-demand staff was eager to help, staging 40+ carts and quickly turning them for the am/pm rounds, all while keeping 140+ players stocked with range balls and waters for 8+ hours."

- Matt Bevin, 

Head Golf Professional, Ballyhack

“We easily sold the GOLF BNCH forecaddie sponsorship for $10,000 … our most profitable sponsorship … a win/win for our golfers and our bottom line.”

- Clint Sanchez

The First Tee of Greater Washington

"GOLF BNCH's '1st Tee Shot' in Hawaii was a success, to say the least. In a 60 day window, GOLF BNCH recruited and oriented 150+ caddies and serviced over 320 golfers during the SONY Open Pro-Ams. Bringing caddies to Ko’Olina Resort, Waialae Country Club and Turtle Bay Resort in 2020."

- Stephen Small, First Tee of Hawaii